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Good Vibes

Relax and Enjoy the VibeS!

Acts of kindness and love

Buena Onda, celebrity chef Jose Garces’ Baja-inspired taqueria is more than a fast casual taqueria, it’s a mindset. In Spanish, Buena Onda means ”Good Vibes”. In a world full of fast casual options, Buena Onda offers a unique, casual Baja taqueria  experience for guests with an appealing menu, friendly service, and laid-back beach bum decor.  

Chef Jose Garces standing in restaurant

Chef Jose Garces

Renowned Latin-American chef Jose Garces translates his rich cultural traditions and culinary vision into personal dining experiences.  Taking a heartfelt and creative approach to time-honored recipes and dishes, Buena Onda brings these recipes together for a unique taqueria experience.

Fishing boat in ocean off beach in Mexico


Our fish is fresh, sustainably sourced, and chosen in partnership with

We support composting and recycling practices.  The BPA-free bottle for our water is made from recyclable materials.

Two ladies holding Baja Style Buena Onda tacos standing next to each other

Share Kindness

Buena Onda is committed to playing an active and supporting role in all the communities we serve.  Sharing good vibes is part of who we are.  We hope this allows you to find a little slice of Baja, Mexico in all the dishes and experiences we share.

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